1) After-School & Weekend Programs

It is important to engage children in extracurricular activities that are both fun and beneficial. This year we developed our “Scienterrific Programs” which come in a wide variety of formats.

The Scienterrific Programs:

  • Provide hands-on activities.

  • Offer a great learning value.

  • Encourage the active participation of children.

  • Our Nutty Scientists are trained specifically to simultaneously entertain and educate the children.

  • Aim at developing both, the knowledge and personality of the child.

We have three choices allowing you to match the best one with the interest of your child


If your child loves stories, imagination, entertainment, arts and crafts, then this program is the perfect one for your child to start with.

Science Shows:

Scientific Shows are a way to bring science to children in a complete original format. We will make their imagination wander with the different adventures of our Nutty Scientists in combination with entertainment, theatre and fun. Children will learn while they engage in this participatory adventure.

Scienceful Art:

Kids will have a great time messing around with paint, and using different materials to create artistic crafts that are related to the science concept they have learned in the show.


Positive attitude, proactivity, accepting challenges, handling responsibility, problem-solving are some of the skills that your child will acquire when he joins this program.

Character Building:

Character building aims to empower kids to grow into capable, independent individuals and leave a positive impact on their society. Through fun games and activities, children will learn important concepts and morals.

Science projects:

Science projects will develop your child’s motor skills and problem-solving through building their own science projects.


We have all heard of the Italian cuisine and the French cuisine, but what about the scienterrific cuisine? In this program, your child feeds his curiosity towards his everyday life by understanding the science behind them.


Do we teach your kids how to cook? Better! We teach them how to apply science in almost anything because when you know the science behind what you do, you do it better! Why do we use certain ingredients in certain recipes? What would happen if any of the ingredients were left out? Children discover all the different reactions happening in their kitchen through cooking, observing and experimenting.

Science Projects:

The children will learn the science behind how things work and create their own science projects.

2) Camps

During their seasonal vacations (summer and winter holidays), children enroll in our camps to go through a life experience they will never forget. They feed their scientific curiosity through our science workshops and experiments, they exercise their bodies through sports and develop their personality through our special character building activities. They do all of this while making new friends and having a lot of fun!

3) Birthdays

Children enjoy getting entertained by our science tricks and performances that are not only fun and entertaining but are mind blowing as well. Therefore, parents like the Nutty Scientists spirit in their children’s birthday parties.