Department: Delivery and Innovation

Reports to: Team Leader and Head of Department

Summary of Department Role:

  • This department develops and delivers ALL the content used in Nutty Scientists products and services such as fieldtrips, camps, birthdays, etc.
  • A science communicator is expected to create valuable content from scratch and delivers it to the audience of Nutty Scientists. His role starts from researching science topics to performance of shows/activities for children.
  • To achieve this, a science communicator must be creative, fun with kids, able to work in a team, flexible, speaks English fluently, works under pressure and has required skills such as script writing, research, acting, teaching, and class discipline.


Department: Operations

Reports to: Operations Manager

Summary of Department role

  • The operations department is responsible for the management of internal operations such as planning, scheduling and budgeting and external operations such as event management and customer relationship management.
  • An operations executive is responsible for maintaining a database of Nutty Scientists customers information, handling customer sales calls, customer service (after sales), and event management including the scheduling, planning, and logistics of services and events.

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Department: Marketing

Reports to: General Manager

Summary of Department role

  • Establishing sales objectives and handling all sales activities in order to fulfill these objectives.
  • Understand the market, the customer needs, and the competition.
  • Prepare promotional materials, handle sales, create and implement marketing strategies, analyze results and keep good customer and public relations.
  • Design new products/services according to their market research and analysis.